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Conversation with Goodman, April 13, 2016
Brock research shows how Internet influences offline shopping

Think101, April 6, 2014
The Experiment: Conversation with Antonia Mantonakis

CHCH, February 6, 2014
The Science of Wine

CHCH, December 1, 2013
Cross Border Shopping

Natalie McLean, November, 2012
How a Wine Name Impacts Price: Dr. Antonia Mantonakis Video Chat

Natalie McLean, October, 2012
Celebrity Athlete Wines: Which Ones Score on Price and Taste?

TV Cogeco, February 9, 2012
Consumer Tastes

Canada AM, May 15, 2008
How Consumers Choose


Racked, February 26, 2015
Calculated Chaos: Examining the Brilliant Strategy Behind Bed Bath & Beyond

The New Yorker, July 12, 2014
What We Really Taste When We Drink Wine

Mercury News, May 7, 2014
What’s better? Cupcake or Gundlach Bundschu?

Vine Talk, September 9, 2013
Celebrity Wine Endorsements Influence Consumers

The Atlantic, July 30, 2012
The Psychology of a $666 Burger, and Other Haute Cuisine

The Daily Californian, July 11, 2012
Study Reveals People Most Often Choose First Option Presented

InvestorPlace, June 29, 2012
The Crazy Thing Wine Buyers Will Pay For

Business Insider, June 28, 2012
Why People Pay More for Wine That’s Hard to Pronounce

Time Magazine, June 27, 2012
Wine Drinkers Will Pay More for Bottles with Hard-to-Pronounce Names, April 17, 2012
It’s Pronounced Hos-pi-tal-it-tee

Ditton Wine Traders, February 23, 2012
How to Attract the Most Investment: Have an Unpronounceable Name, February 22, 2012
Consumers Pay More for Tongue-Twisting Wines

BCBusisness, February 14, 2012
The Business Name Game

UPI, January 31, 2012
Hard-to-Pronounce Wine Scores Big in Study

New York Times, “The Morning Feed”, October, 2009
God, I Hope I Get It


The Brock News, May 16, 2016
Business prof receives honourable mention from Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences

The Brock News, April 13, 2016
Brock research shows how Internet influences offline shopping

The Brock News, January 23, 2012
What’s in a Name? A Lot When it Comes to the Wine Industry

Brock Wellness, January 13, 2012
Discovering Zumba - Interview with Antonia Mantonakis (page 6)


Central Valley Business Times, May 26, 2016
Why even small businesses can benefit from a basic website

Conversation with Goodman, April 13, 2016
How the Internet influences in-store shopping decisions

“Arming the Donkey’s” Science Podcast, July 6, 2009
Zeroing in on Rating Scales

CFBU-FM Radio, December 18, 2013
Consumer Behaviour During the Holidays

National Public Radio, June 26, 2012
Fancy Names Can Fool Wine Geeks Into Paying More For a Bottle

WSHU Public Radio Group, May 2, 2012
The Lure of Tongue-Twisting Names

LiVE 88.5, Newcap Radio Ottawa, May 26, 2009
Preference Patterns for Consumers

CHAM/CKOC/CKLH Radio Hamilton, May 12, 2009
Preference Patterns for Consumers


The St. Catharines Standard, July 25, 2017
Tongue-twister names sell more wines: Brock research

UBC News, April 28, 2016
Product info online can boost sales, even if shoppers never visit websiteThem

Natalie McLean, June 8, 2016
The 31 Most Difficult Wine and Grapes Names: How to Pronounce Them

The St. Catharines Standard, May 12, 2016
What does the future hold for Niagara Square?

The Hamilton Spectator, November 25, 2015
What does Buffalo have that we don’t? Tips for the Black Friday shopper

The Toronto Star, November 25, 2015
Tips for the Black Friday shopper

Yahoo News, October 23, 2015
When brands are forced to take a stand on an issue

Yahoo News, August 27, 2015
When brands and their spokespeople are inseperable

CanTech Letter, March 29, 2015
The Overlooked Reason Target Failed in Canada

The Toronto Star, February 18, 2015
Cross-border Shopping is About More Than a Bargain

Le Journal de Montreal, October 16, 2014
Questions D’étiquette

Tower Litho, August 12, 2014
The Power of a Label, March 18, 2014
Eating with your eyes: Study links pretty plating to improved taste

The Globe and Mail, February 22, 2012
If the Wine is Hard to Pronounce, is it Worth More?

The St. Catharines Standard, January 24, 2012
A Rose by Any Other Name Would Taste More Sweet, September 12, 2011
Wine Snobbery No Longer Palatable

Globe and Mail, March 24, 2011
What’s the Symbol for Unintelligible?

Canadian Business Online Blog, May 20, 2009
A Hidden Bias Among Consumers

The Globe and Mail, June, 2007
Why You Drink What You Do

Brock University, March 31, 2014
Consumer Perception: The Influence of Subtle Label Changes on Consumer Behaviour

Brock University, February 8, 2012
Does a Wine’s Name Influence Consumer Taste Perception?

Vineland Research and Innovation Center, June, 2010
Grape and Wine Workshop: Understanding Ontario Wine Consumers